Festival Greetings And Tea Ceremony Program 2016 A.D.

On 24th September 2016, The Orphans Homes family had organized a Tea ceremony program on the occassion of the holy festival of Bijaya Dashami, Deepawali and Chhatt. Our president, Mrs. Rita Rai officially announced the establishment of Children’s Trust Fund with the objective of establishing a stable source of fund for the welfare of the children. Mrs. Rai herself donated Rs. 50,100/- in this trust fund. She has been contributing a lot for the welfare of the helpless and homeless children for decades even donating her own lands for the construction of the building in which the children are now residing.
Mrs. Usha Kiran Shrestha also generously contributed Rs. 1,00,125/- in this Children’s Trust Fund on this day. Mrs. Kalpana Shrestha contributed Rs.10,100/- in this Fund as well. We are very much thankful for your philanthropic and humanitarian contribution for our children and our prayers are always with you for your happiness, peace and prosperity.
As it stands, we have now Rs.160 Replica Handbags,325/- collected in our Children’s Trust Fund for the  benefit of the future of all of our children residing at The Orphans Homes. If you want to contribute something for the benefits of these children in order to ensure their bright future then, we urge you to contribute in this Children’s Trust Fund as well with all your open hearts. You can contact us if you want to be a part of this humanitarian effort and you can be a member of our “The Orphans Homes” family as well.
Members of Lions Club International District 325 B1 which included 7 Lions Clubs (LC KTM Sangam, LC KTM Temple LC KTM Nepal, LC KTM Temple City, LC KTM T. Shimbhunath, LC KTM Tudal Devi, LC KTM T. Lamjung) and Leo Club of KTM Sangam had also come on this occassion and they distributed clothes and food for our children. We would like to thank all of Lions Club and Leo Club members for your humanitarian efforts and we pray that this holy festival will bring you plenty of good fortune and happiness in your lives.
You can also help these children whenever wherever you may be by donating in this Children’s Trust Fund established under the instituition’s name of Aanath Balbatika Sanga!