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Meet our chairperson Mrs. Rita Rai in her own words.

Namaskar… I am Rita Rai and I am Chairperson of this Orphans Homes from August, 1998. Before establishment of this Homes I was working in this field with a commitment to contribute something for orphans and helpless children. I used to save from my domestic expenses to support for children who were deprived of education. Although they are also the citizens of Nepal , it is an irony that such children are still deprived of education just because they belong to lower castes and poor families. I met many educated people and sought their help to carry on my programme of helping the orphans but got verbal assurance only. Most of them tried to discourage me but I had made up my mind to fight for the rights of these children.

So I continued my work despite chain of problems…
With the passage of time my work expanded with the increase of destitute children. Despite having a tough time these children with their heart wrenching stories further encouraged me to continue my struggle for their future. Most of them have no parents. Some used to work as servants in big family but ran away to escape further suppression. I also met a lot of children from Kamaiya families.


They were compelled to accompany their parents to work in the house of the landlords to repay their debts. And education for such unfortunate children was and is just a dream only.
Whenever I saw young children begging on the street…searching food in the garbage, I used to wonder about the roles of those people who never get tired of giving sermons on the rights of our children. All the seminars, workshops and such programs in the name of rights of children appeared to me… just a source of income of the organizers and its participants while so many children were are compelled to waste their precious life in absence of love, care and proper shelter.
Being profoundly touched by the actual situation of these children I determined to sacrifice my life to uplift them by providing opportunity for education under family love and proper care. Amidst negative comments I got moral support of my family members and well wishers and got mental strength to continue this challenging journey. The children with me always begged me not leave them in the wilderness of hatred for them in the society. Being deeply touched by their tears, sincere love, I always prayed God to help me to fulfill their dreams. Indeed God has been kind to me be their mother in need. To avoid unwanted hassle of the government my Orphanage was legally registered in District Administrative Office vide registration number 942 by name The Orphans Homes and also obtained membership from Social Welfare committee.
I had started this orphanage with Seven children and sought financial help from the people but I got nothing except polite discouragement from them.


Although a little disappointed I reasoned that I had chosen this journey and had to continue. Then I approached local school to admit my children. As a token of help the school agreed to admit my children by providing 33% discount on fees and the rest of the expenses I managed by selling all the ornaments I had. At last my children started going to school. It was indeed the happiest moment of my life seeing these downtrodden children happily….. going to school waving me…

Mean while I started making liquid soaps and sold in the neighboring shops and earned some money to support my children. Recognising my sincere work the British Gorkha Welfare helped me to start piggery which really made my financial position sound.


I also leased land nearby, grew vegetables, sold in the market. I also did some handicraft work. All these source of income in a way lessened my financial burden. In the meantime a benevolent Nepali completely took the responsibility of educational expenses of my children for about Five years. This is how I have been trying to raise my children and make a room for them in the society.
After 16 years in this orphanage I have been able to open our Web-site by the help of Sanjive Dhimal ,one of the students of the orphanage. When Dhimal came to us he was just 4 years old. Now he is 19 years old and he graduate in Computer science. It is my belief that this website will help our well wishers to know more about our orphanage, convince them about our genuine work and extend their helping hands in making this orphanage financially strong enough so that more such children could be accommodated here.
Thank you

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