Puja is a youngest in this orphanage. She was just 5 days old when she was registered in this orphanage.

5 days Puja

She was from the police as a lost and found child. At present she is now 5 years old and studying in nursery level. She is very lovely and focus of this orphanage. She sings and dance very nicely.

Krishna was from the police as a lost and found child. She was rescued from another Orphanage which was dissolving due to the bankruptcy. She is not a normal child, medically she is micro sephalie.


She is 6 years old, but she seems like 3 year old. Orphans Homes is taking special care for her.

rajiRaji was just 4 years old orphan child when she came to this orphanage. Her parents were mere peasnats. She was a victim of civil war between government and the terrorist. She lost her parents in civil war. Now she is 18 years old and working in this orphanage as a teacher as well as she is helping chairperson Rita Rai as a trainee secretary.

sanjiveSanjive was from Bhaktapur district. He was just 4 years old orphan child when he was registered in this Orphanage. Now he is 19 years old young man.

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Manish and Manisha are from one family they are sibling. Their parents were from Bhojpur eastern region of Nepal. They don ‘t have their father. Their mother works in some houses as a cleaner. They are home less family. They had small hut to stay in Kathmandu .


But the government destroyed all illegal houses. So now they don’t have proper house to stay. That’s why to protect them from the all bad circumstances their mother requested us to keep both children in our orphanage. She came several times for help. At last we came to know the reality than we decided to keep both children in our orphanage for their safety and future. Now both are happy and doing well. Both are very nice and well disciplined. Manish wished to be an Engineer and Manisha wished to be a teacher.

Meet our chairperson Mrs. Rita Rai


Chairperson Mrs. Rita Rai

Mrs. Rita Rai was born in Lalitpur Nepal in 1966. She spent her school life in big family. She got married in 1982. She is a mother of two sons and a daughter. She is not only the chairperson of the Orphans Homes but she is a secretary of CONCIN (Confederation of NGO’s on Child Integration Nepal) also since 2011. Hard labor with self confident and patience is her motto.

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