Raji Gharti Magar



Hello! I am Raji Gharti Magar from the Dang District of far western region of Nepal. I lost my parents in civil war. I was just 4 years old when I came to this orphanage. My health was completely ill and I was suffering from malnutrition.


But, when I find mother Rita Rai, she cared me so much with her own hand and gradually I was cured completely. Mother’s hand is mother hand, when she touched me first time I felt real easy.  I began to trust her. She cared me as her own child which is beyond to imagination. Now I am 18 years  old and studying +2 . I am working in this Orphanage’s school as a volunteer teacher and as well as working as a trainee secretary of the Orphanage.

Mother rita wish to handover this orphanage to us in future. That’s why she is encouraging and teaching us to be successful citizen as well as good social worker for our future.


How to thank mother Rita for the opportunity she offered me. Someday I will be a successful citizen in future with her precise guidance. I think I am a luckiest one to be here. Otherwise I cannot imagine what would had happen to me after I lost my parents. I would like to thank to those who brought me to mother Rita.
Thank you for reading  and knowing my story.

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