Sanjive Dhimal



Namaskar… My name is Sanjive Dhimal. I am in this home since 15 years. After several years I came to know that I was just 4 years old when I was admitted in this Orphanage. I don’t know much about my past due to too young when I was admitted. This home is everything for me. For me my parents or guardian whatever is Mother Rita. At present I am 19 years old. Mother Rita want to make us forward in every steps. She encouraged us to take advantage of any good opportunity. She gave the opportunity to take roll in the movie “UDAY” or “RISING” that was produced by founder secretary of this home and the story was written by Mother Rita. Shooting of movie was completed in year of hard labor and it was a successful one.

Our mother has a dream of erect ‘CHILDREN TRUST’ named foundation for home to run smoothly. So she wished to take this movie abroad to collect the fund to raise the TRUST. I would be very grateful to who wish to fulfill our mother’s dream.

I have my aim to stay in this home and dedicate my life in service of brothers and sisters. I have passed my secondary level and graduated in web designing. I am feeling satisfied as I am helping my mother Rita to prepare this WEB site designing. I am studying extra French language also so that I can help mother to interpret with foreigner. I would like to contribute everything to my mother and to this home on behalf of me and this web designing help is only beginning. I don’t know my biological mother but for me mother Rita is greater than God. It won’t make any difference to say that mother Rita born in this world to protect and make the future of several vulnerable children like us. She always worries for our future. That’s why all sensible humanitarian philanthropic has to give her helping hand so that she will be able to make the future of other children like us.
Thank you.

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