It is not enough to be cared by home care taker only because, every child must be challenging in this world of science, technology and terrorism. So the children must be familiar with various knowledge, language, culture and current situation of the world, which is possible only from the dynamic volunteers from abroad or local. It is not necessary to have an experience to be volunteered. Caring, Loving, frank with broad mind and leadership volunteers are most welcome to our Orphanage.

Accommodation depends upon the choice of volunteers. Volunteers can stay with the host family to enjoy the most authentic Nepali food and culture. There is not any barrier of particular time for volunteers, whether they want to stay short or long time it won’t make any difference to us or to the orphanage. It depends upon their program and interest.

How to apply for Volunteer:

You can contact us directly by Email. You need to send your schedule of flight as well as your introduction in brief. If you have some experience that will be most valued. It will be great if you attach your photo so that we can recognize you at the Airport on your time of arrival.